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Namaste, it's lovely to meet you

I have practised yoga for the last 30 years, and five years ago was lucky to start training with the brilliant Saraswati School of Yoga. It has been a long held dream to simplify my life and focus on becoming a yoga teacher, and I am so very happy that I am now doing exactly that.


During my training I was still running my interior design practice Strummer Pink, but have now fully made the transition from making peoples homes look amazing, to working on the internal dialogue, integrating body mind and spirit through yoga practice; helping to create a space for calmness, clarity and strength. It is my absolute joy.

I teach mindful Hatha Yoga, relaxation and meditation, in West Dorset and also East Crete where I shall be running retreats in the late spring and autumn.

I so look forward to seeing you on the mat to start our yoga journey together.

Om shanti.

"I really enjoy Debs' classes, her skill is enveloping you in her calm and gentle manner, that brings you to the right focus and encourages you to develop your practice. The classes have improved my mobility, strength and overall feeling of well-being." - N.P, Bridport

What we do on the mat

Hatha Yoga helps us to release tension from the mind and body. Our energy levels increase when we release tension. Yoga poses help stretch away physical tension and tone muscles, joints and the spine, which improves posture in general. Good posture prevents and eases backache, increases energy and boosts self-confidence. 

The yoga breathing exercises quieten the mind, calm the emotions, and through increased oxygen intake, nourish all the cells of the body.

The Hatha yoga relaxation techniques and meditation practice keep the mind sharp, improves awareness and encourages a happy and peaceful attitude towards life.

Hatha yoga includes breathing exercises, stretching exercises, and relaxation. One of the concepts behind Hatha yoga is that in order to experience true well-being we need to understand and care for our bodies. 

Medical research on Hatha yoga shows that it can restore health to some, alleviate illness for others and to some extent slow the ageing process. 

The practice of Hatha yoga is a powerful preventative medicine.

Regular practice can result in a deep sense of inner security and strength.


"Relaxing Yoga Tuesday is my favourite day of the week!"
"I really love the neck and shoulder routine."
"My favourite part of Deb's class is all the deep breath-work.’"


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