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About the team



I teach Hatha yoga and meditation. I have also trained as a shamanic healer and energy worker. Teaching yoga is my absolute joy, my yoga classes are deeply soulful and intuitive, with an emphasis on deep relaxation shifting the body through a combination of mindful asanas (movement) and prana (breathwork). I have practiced yoga for more than 30 years, and taught for for the last 5 years. 

I have established successful yoga retreats in South East Crete, where I live for part of the year. The 2024 spring retreat at Symondsbury Manor is the first of what will hopefully be many in West Dorset. I am really excited to be putting this together, and completely thrilled to have such a wonderful team.



Freshly back in the UK (not for long, so lucky us!) Tansy has been in Colorado leading a retreat in the Rocky Mountains. 

We met several years ago, and trained in Shamanic healing together, a path that she has continued upon and flourished in, where I immersed myself into training as a yoga teacher. This is the first time we have worked together for a long while, and I am so excited that she will be with us.

Tansy also works as a counsellor, Tarot Reader, Shamanic Healer, self empowerment life coach, meditation teacher and Reiki master.  Working towards affecting real and powerful healing and change.

Her work is deeply intuitive and emotive.


Helen Garrett

Helen will lead a beautiful heart felt exploration of ‘drawing into life’ using natural form as inspiration, you will work with simple drawing exercises that illustrate ideas of information, perception and our unique approach to experiencing the world. At times drawing influence from philosophy and Eastern thought and artistic techniques. The act of drawing is one of our most ancient and universal forms of communication and expression.

Helen recently led a beautiful ‘drawing into life’ workshop on our Autumn yoga retreat in Crete. Her unique gentle heart centred approach encouraged fabulous results.


Gwyn Jepson

‘Sound Healing Gong immersion’

Gwyn is a Kundalini teacher, Celebrant, and the very best Sound healer I know. 

Heal the body…calm the mind…deeply relax as the sound current penetrates the body and removes blocks and stuck energy. It is deeply relaxing and promotes healing through the whole body and mind.

I am thrilled she is able to join us, you are in for such a treat.

The cost... £170

includes all workshops + the most delicious nutritious food.

The day runs from 10:00 - 17:00hrs

We have a beautiful planned for you, full day of yoga, meditation, art, sacred Cacao ceremony, Labrynth immersion and deeply healing transformative Sound Bath/

Plenty of time to completely relax and enjoy the mellowness of Symondsbury Manor, with it's beautiful gardens, big squishy sofas, hugely generous dining table where we can all share food and stories.

If you fancy a Tarot reading please let me know and I can book you in with Tansy for an additional £50.

Head to book now, don't miss this.

Symondsbury Manor

Day Retreat 2nd March 2024

Early booking advisable… don’t miss this 

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